‘Profound’ health risks found at Georgia medical prison

12:54 pm Nov. 13, 2017

Standing water and filth are just steps away from the operating room. So-called black mold grows in at least two places. And ceilings leak so badly that, in some places, large pads are needed to soak up the rainwater.

These and other unsafe and unsanitary conditions have existed for months and, in some cases, even years at Augusta State Medical Prison, the Georgia prison system’s flagship medical facility, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia prison medicine: A father’s effort

1:53 pm Dec. 14, 2015

When Lin Butler learned that his incarcerated  daughter was sick and not getting the care she needed, he didn’t waste any time in trying to call attention to the situation. The Rome security guard grabbed

GBI probing prison doctor’s job application

9:50 am Oct. 27, 2015

By Danny Robbins

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into whether former prison doctor Yvon Nazaire presented valid credentials when he was hired to provide medical care for the state’s female inmates.

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