Is Ga. Sen. Johnny Isakson too soft on VA’s bad employees?

7:00 am Apr. 5, 2016

Former GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio and a leading House Republican said they fear Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., may undermine a proposal to bring stronger accountability for bad employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lockheed Marietta used substandard parts on military aircraft, report says

9:33 am Nov. 19, 2014

Federal taxpayers got saddled with millions of dollars in additional costs because the Defense Department accepted aircraft from Lockheed Martin in Marietta with defective engines and other “non-conforming” parts and planes that were improperly serviced, a watchdog agency is reporting.

The Marietta plant has a contract to replace engines and make other upgrades in the Air Force’s aging C-5 Galaxy airplanes, in operation since 1970.

But a report by the inspector general’s