No Trump bump for the gun industry

7:45 am Jul. 27, 2017

President Donald Trump may yet rejuvenate coal mining or bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. But his election already seems to have been detrimental to at least one economic sector: the gun industry.


You’re twice as likely to be shot to death in Georgia than in New York (and other gun violence facts)

11:00 am Mar. 28, 2017

Statistics can be tricky in the best of situations. But when it comes to gun violence, the numbers can turn the most civil discussion into an argument.

Second Amendment supporters often question the validity of data concerning firearms deaths. They suggest that suicides or accidental killings shouldn’t be lumped in with homicides – and that the rate of gun deaths is more meaningful than the sheer number.

With those ideas in

New York to Georgia: Toughen up your gun laws

10:57 am Oct. 27, 2016

New York’s attorney general has a message for Georgians: keep your guns to yourselves.

In a Of those 52,915 guns, three-fourths came from out of state – in most cases, Schneiderman said, through illegal trafficking. Just