A hazy scene at City Hall document dump

12:09 pm Feb. 10, 2017

Reporters sorting 1.4 million pages of paper documents inside Atlanta’s old City Council chambers became mildly alarmed Friday morning when a sickening electrical smell turned into a smoky haze.

The burning smell sent reporters quickly unplugging

SunTrust parking violations criminal

10:00 am Jul. 6, 2016

How seriously will Cobb County treat violations of its ordinance restricting private parking lot owners from charging Braves fans on game days?

Each violation is a criminal misdemeanor under an ordinance commissioners quietly approved in February.

The Atlanta

Q&A with the Braves’ Mike Plant

11:30 am Jul. 5, 2016

The AJC asked Mike Plant, the Braves’ president of development, a handful of questions about the ordinance, which the county says is necessary for public safety and critics say is an attempt to protect