Atlanta company caught up in special education controversy in Texas

A Georgia company is caught up in a controversy in Texas involving a no-bid contract it got in Texas, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

A federal complaint was filed over the award of the $4.4 million contract to SPEDx, which is to analyze private records for children with disabilities. The contract, according to the complaint, should have been bid out, and the complaint questions whether SPEDx can do the work.

Laurie Kash photo from Austin newspaper


But the woman who filed the complaint — the state’s special education director, Laurie Kash — was fired the day after she filed it. She is accused of trying to cover up child abuse allegations when she was special education director in Oregon.

She claims her firing was retaliation for filing the complaint, the newspaper reports. The Texas Education Agency said it chose Atlanta-based SPEDx because it was the only company with analytics capacity sophisticated enough for the work.

A lawsuit in Oregon by two instructional assistants accuses Kash of harassing them for reporting potential child abuse. The Oregonian has that story.



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