What our sleuths discovered about doctors

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Want to know if a restaurant is unsanitary? In Georgia and many other states, you can look at the inspection notice posted near the door. restaurant-inspection-noticeWant to know if your doctor may have sexually abused patients? Your only clues might be found on disciplinary orders posted on state medical board websites. But to follow the clues, you may need a law book, good Google search skills and a knowledge of some medical jargon. The AJC needed those skills and more to identify these cases:

What the order says: “A complaint arose out of the care and treatment rendered to …a minor…over a period of seven years.”

What we found: The New Jersey doctor was accused of having sexual contact with a boy he was treating.

What the order says: A complaint alleged the doctor “engaged in unprofessional conduct as defined by Wis. Admin Code Med 10.02(2)(zd) and (2)(p)(Nov. 2002); and Med 10.03(2)(c), 2(e) and (2)(f) (Oct. 2013) and had agreed to surrender his license.

What we found: Wisconsin police had charged the doctor in 2015 with four felony and six misdemeanor counts of having unwanted sexual contact with patients. The criminal case is pending.

What the order says: The Office of General Counsel has provided probable cause warranting an order to temporarily suspend the doctor’s license.

What we found: The South Carolina doctor had been arrested for trying to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity.

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