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DeKalb police shooting echoes controversial shooting of homeowner in December

It started with a 911 call for help. Officers responding shoot and kill a dog as they enter a home. A resident at the house is shot.

shot at homeMonday’s incident in South DeKalb may not be exactly like the December shooting death of Kevin Davis, but there are parallels. The shooting highlights the risks officers and the public sometimes face when calls to a home can end in violence.

Davis and his dog were shot and killed by an officer in December who was responding to a 911 call to Davis’ apartment after his girlfriend was stabbed by a roommate. Monday’s police shooting followed a 911 call to report a burglary in the area near Boulderwood Drive.

Police entered the wrong home and shot Chris McKinley’s dog before wounding the homeowner. An officer was also shot by a fellow officer in the incident. McKinley was treated and back home on crutches Tuesday morning, but declined to speak with a reporter.

The officer was in serious but stable condition at the Grady Memorial Hospital.

The Davis case was among the 65 fatal Shot at Home cases identified by the AJC in its investigation of police shooting deaths in Georgia since 2010. Many of the fatal cases happen in people’s homes and originate with a 911 cal for help.

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