Educator: ‘So sad about the deaths of this family.’ AJC story captures “the Kisha we knew.”

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020715 Marine Service HS01In case you missed it, here’s our story from Sunday’s AJC about Marine veteran Kisha Holmes who killed herself and her three children in January. Here’s a link to my appearance on GPB’s On Second Thought with Celeste Headlee on Friday to discuss the story and the epidemic of veteran suicide.

In reporting the story over several weeks, I discovered Kisha Holmes was a very private person. She kept aspects of her past hidden from those who passed through different stages of her life. She also could vanish from people’s lives and never look back.

Her family in New York knew little of her life in Georgia over the past five years. Her friends she met in a Sandy Springs veterans homeless program in late 2013 knew little about her family or her life before she came to the program including the two plus years she live in Athens with her boys, Justin and Kai.

After the story ran Sunday, I received an email from a staff person at Justin’s elementary school in Athens that helped fill in some gaps about the family’s life during that period. Like other stages in her life, Holmes seemed like she was involved parent during the family’s life in Athens.

Thank you so much for the follow up story on Kisha Holmes and her family.  I work at the elementary school in Athens where Justin attended school for several years.  He would have been in our current 5th grade class.  We knew Kisha and Kai and Justin fairly well and have been so sad about the deaths of this family.  It is really helpful to put together a few pieces of their lives after they left Athens.  I thought you really captured the Kisha we knew also.  Justin was a bright happy student and Kai just a baby in a stroller coming to PTA meetings with his Mom.

I will share this current article with other members of our staff.

If other readers have information about Holmes please email me at or call at 404-526-5746

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