Ruling comes in long-running legal battle over a Georgia overdose death

8:40 am Jan. 14, 2018

Was the death of Patrick Desmond, a former Marine being treated for addiction at a Narconon clinic in the Norcross area, an “occurrence”? That legal question was finally settled in a California courtroom last week, almost 10 years after the 28-year-old’s death from an overdose of alcohol and opiates.

“The neglectful provision of alcohol to and deficient supervision of a patient in rehab leading to the patient’s unexpected death constitute an

Rome woman pleads guilty to elder abuse

3:45 pm Jan. 8, 2018

An 84-year-old, bedridden nursing home patient suffered about 100 ant bites after she was left unattended for 11 hours. And last month, three former nursing home employees were sentenced in an Alabama court for neglect of the woman.

Shawna Rogers of Rome and two Alabama women, Sandra Michele Curry and Kacey Minerva Allen, each pleaded guilty in December to one count of attempted elder abuse.

The three were responsible for the woman’s

Update: Court won’t hear Georgia woman’s allegation of rape

11:48 am Jan. 8, 2018

When Dr. Paul Harnetty goes on trial in Wyoming later this month, the jury won’t hear a report by a Georgia woman that he had raped her, according to a news report.

A Wyoming radio station reported that a woman contacted Casper, Wyoming police on Nov. 27 and said she was sexually assaulted by the doctor in December 2011. But a judge excluded that information from his upcoming trial on charges